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If what face you is what you have no idea of how to face, just don’t worry about it, it is part of what you should never worry yourself about in life. I may not know of a seven or sixteen thing you should do when you know not what to do but I know one thing  you should never try to do when you don’t know what to do. And I’m very sure knowing what not to do will give you a clue into what to do.


Let me quickly inform you, this message is a very very lengthy one, so I’ll advice you grab a cup of tea or coffee as we cruise on. Are you ready?  Are we good to go? Okay! Let’s go.


It will amaze you how cheap solutions to serious situations could be when you don’t go about it with worry, if you talk to God and people about a situation not worrying about it, you will be amazed of how cheap solutions could be.


But when you go about things with worry solutions always come at a costly price. Worry brings solutions at a costly price. But how? It is very simple, the reason it is so is because when desperation shows in expression it always brings inflation, you see, in life people always inflate the price of goods and services when they see that someone is desperate to get their services or goods, a seller often tend to inflate his price when he sees desperate customers, once you’re desperate you inflate things by your desperation.


Desperation in expression always causes inflation, and because it is worry that makes desperation shows from expression, that is simply how worry causes inflation in the market of life, turning simple solutions hard to come by, but I must say this, of a truth it is worry that causes desperation but not all desperation are of worry.


But the desperation of worry always cause inflation of solutions in life, generally in life desperation of worry inflates the price of goods and services, and one way to buy cheap in hardship is not to worry about the hardship, not showing desperation of confusion in your expression.


Just the way these things are in the physical so exactly it is in the spirit, because the physical emanates from the spirit, what we see are actually from what we don’t see, most of the time what we do in the physical are examples pointing to the ways of the spirit, because most of the things we are doing here are actually inspired from the things happening there.


The way desperation of worry inflates the price of goods and services in the physical, so also it is in the spirit. Many has run into deeper spiritual problems by running into fake prophets all because of fear and worry, not been able to stay calm and identify what should never be worried about in life, thereby paying heavy for what is cheap  ( although no one believer is permitted to worry about anything in life )

Worry makes pay heavy for what is cheap, worry causes life market inflation, worry inflates the price of goods and services both spiritually and physically. Worry devalues your currency of faith, worry is a self devaluation of your faith currency, increasing the cost of your spiritual exchange rate,


when you worry you devalue your faith and increase the cost of what you want to purchase, when you bring your faith down by worry, know that things will be hard to get, because without faith no one can please God, and when you haven’t please him it means you haven’t meet the price tag.


Worry worsens the state of your spiritual economy, it devalues the currency of faith and hikes the cost of spiritual goods and services by making it difficult to please God, because the more valueless our faith becomes the more difficult it is for us to please God and to get from God.


Worry devalues the currency of faith. The more valueless faith becomes the more difficult it is to please God and to get things from God. The value of your faith determines the rate at which you get your exchange.

Faith is the medium of spiritual exchange but one thing that devalues and block it, is worry. Worry is a stumbling block to the path of faith, it devalues faith and block the way of faith, worry arrests faith, detains it and cages it.


It is true nothing can block the way of faith but a man’s worry can block the way of his faith, only that it may not be able to block the way of another man’s faith. When you worry you cage your faith, your faith is always caged when you worry and not loosed until you step out of worry.


A man’s faith is always caged in his time of worry, worry is a breeze of stroke to the body of faith paralyzing its entire force, worry paralyzes the force of faith. Any battle you can not fight on your own is not a battle to worry about,


whatever is beyond you is not within you, worrying about it is draining yourself of the energy you should use to turn it over to Him who will take it over, whatever is beyond you to fight is not what to  worry about, but what to turn over to God.


Will anything be beyond your strength and be within the arms of worry? Definitely NO! Nothing has ever been beyond man that has ever been within worry, nothing is beyond man that is ever within worry, whatsoever is beyond man is always beyond worry, nothing is beyond man that is ever subjected to worry that worry can work on, once a thing is beyond man it is beyond worry.


The day we’ll all come to realize and know that the reasons we see as the reasons to worry are the major reasons we should never worry is the day we’ll truly break free from the power of of worry,  The issues  you see as a reason to worry is the major reason you should never try to worry.


Because whatever gives you concern to worry is what is already beyond you, for no one worries of what to eat when he has in front of him food to eat. Nobody worries of what is within his capacity, nothing within the capacity of man makes man worry but what is beyond his ability.


But man always forget that nothing can be done to an orange fruit or use to squeeze it that will make it bring out a mango juice and then go ahead to worry about situations thinking there might come a solution. Worry is trying to bring out mango juice from an orange fruit, worrying is you squeezing you to produce what is not in you

Worry is what is beyond your ability that is pressing you to provide an answer you don’t know. To worry is to try to produce an ability you don’t have to solve a question you don’t know, worrying is allowing something beyond you demanding you to bring out what is not in you,


and instead of you to tell it you don’t have what its asking for, you then go ahead looking for what you don’t have, how can you ever find it? The urge to worry is the voice of the flesh asking you to produce what you don’t possess.


As long as you cant squeeze out mango juice from banana fruit you can never worry to have an answer, because whatever will make man worry is what he doesn’t have, the things that always call us to worry are the things we obviously don’t posses and funny enough when this beast called worry ask us to be finding in the apartment of our being what we know we don’t have in the house of our system, we also go ahead to searching for it, what a funny act,


when you worry you make the devil make fun of you. It is what we don’t have, what we lack answer to, that make us worry, but these are the things we should never worry about, because as long as you can’t give what you don’t have you can never birth a solution from worry because what you don’t have is what makes you worry,


worrying about what you don’t know won’t teach it to you, only going to learning it is what will make you know it, if you’ll think of it for a moment you’ll discover nothing you’ve ever known or come to have that is not directly or indirectly by research and discovery or by learning and worry is never one of these things.


Worrying is trying to withdraw from where you have not saved, worry is searching through the records for details you have not recorded. As long as worry won’t make you have what you don’t have, you can never have what you want by worry. If worry don’t produce answers it can never give you an answer, nothing gives out what it doesn’t bring out, it is what a thing produces it can give.


Learn to engage the right tool for the right course, quit using hammer on screws and screw driver on nails. Collecting mangoes to have orange juice will never work because that’s not what it produces, engaging worry for solutions will never work, because that’s not what it produces.


Thank you so much for your time, I hope you’ve gotten what not to ever do when you know not what to do, why not leave a reply on today’s topic using the form below, we’ll all be glad to hear from you.


Thank you, God bless you, see you soon


I am Ebenezer okeyingbo.



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