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God will not take you from cradle and abandon you in the middle of life. He wouldn’t have been wasting His time and energy preserving you, not sleeping nor slumbering if He wont be perfecting that which concerns you.


Has God not call many to glory? But why has He not call you home? Do you think God will keep on keeping you here if He has nothing to do with you here?


See, ignorance is never an evidence to nonexistence, ignorance is not a proof to proof anything, not knowing God’s plans never means He has no plan for you.


The fact that you don’t know His plan doesn’t mean He doesn’t have a plan. God has a plan and have you in that plan, that’s why you are planted where you are and not else where at this time you are where you are.


At this particular time you’re in this situation I want you to know you are only situated there and not in another situation because there is a plan you’re a big part of, God is a God of plans and with many plans but the fact that we know not His present plan doesn’t mean He permits some situations around us for no reason,


maybe it is to show forth His glory and power to remind humanity of His unchanging being that changes things just to achieve the salvation goal of some souls, because truth will ever remain many will never come to salvation until they see real miracles,


it might even be that He’s just recording a tape to use as a tool of restoring hope to many generations to come which you just happen to be a cast in the story to make a history.


Or even be because He wants to send you on an errand which you won’t be able to successfully run if He didn’t plant you in that situation you’re right now, to learn the how to and the way to successfully run such an errand He has for you.


We may not perfectly know the reason behind our season but one thing I know is that God is not a gambler, His ability to complete His plans is not a probability but a certainty if we’ll submit to play the role He’s casted us to play in situations He has permited to come our way.


Sometimes it is because of where we are going to that makes us pass through what we’re passing through, some things we pass-through in life is only because of where we are going in life.


Some will pass through hurt because they are going to a place of giving strength, for how will one be able to give strength to another if he never knew what it means to be strong?


Remember, Jesus Himself had to go through the times of feeling the pains of human because He was going to assume the position of the high priest of all human.


But if He had never gone through the pain of dying for us, how will He have ever been able to be an effective intercessor for us if He never knew how we feel.


Sometimes all we’re going through is just because of where we’re going to, sometimes we go through some things which we wouldn’t have been going through but for the place we’re going to,


The things we go through most of the time is because of the place we’re going to. Destination always determines the route of transportation, where your destination is determines where your ride takes,


your place determines your way, the way things are going maybe because of where you’re going, things go the way they go most times because of the place we are sent to go.


Your God given goal can make things go the way it presently goes.


It is true behind every situation there are always specific reasons and behind every action there are always causes, but whatever the cause of this situation may be, one thing I want you know is that for God to have still been keeping you alive it means there’s something He still want to do with you,


because you’re not just anything living, but His mobile temple on earth, so if He’s still keeping you here and have not taken you home it means there is a plan you’re still a big part of,


and maybe it’s even the story of that glorious plan is what He is presently writing with the current situation you’re going through, I may not know but what I do know of a certain is that God has not forgotten you neither Has He abandon you.


You can drop us a comment below, we’ll all be happy to hear from you. Keep a date with us for the second and third part of this publication coming up soon on this website.


But before then, continue feeding the word to your spirit for the strength of your hope lies in building your faith and always remember life is a serious affair take it serious but don’t go devious.


I am Ebenezer Okeyingbo.

See you soon.

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