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Grace, the expression of the kind side of God, the manifestation of his fond feelings to the work of his hand, God’s kind gesture to the nature of sin despite his hatred for sin,


the patent bright line of his love shown to the dark world of sin despite his wrath to their works of sin. But what exactly is the reason for Grace? what is the essence of grace?



God only gave grace as a time space for change. God gave grace as a time space to have a change of heart and of act, grace is not for a change of heart without a change of act,


Grace is God’s space of time, giving to have a change of heart and change your act, grace is God’s hope of change with the space of time, Grace is an expression of God’s expectation of change,


grace is God’s implementation of his “things changes by time and time changes things” ideology into the affairs of men, (just has time space of six days changed everything in creation to become very good.


God believe if you work on a thing with time it will change). Grace is simply time space of Change and grace is time frame of change. Grace is God’s giving space of time for change.


The purpose of grace is change, grace is giving for change, grace is implemented because of change, grace is an extension of time for change, grace lives because of change, change is the reason for Grace, grace is giving for change to take place.


Change is the reason grace is giving, grace is giving that change might happen, grace is for change, grace is God’s expectation of change, grace is an expression of God’s expectations for change, God gives grace because he expects change,


it is the expectation of change that gave birth to the manifestation of grace, grace is God’s idea by his desire for change, grace is what God gives for man to change,


grace is what God gave because he wants man to change, change is the reason for grace, grace is given with the view of change, change is the view of grace, change is the idea behind the gift of grace,


God gave grace because he wants change, grace is given because of change. And what then is grace without change? When purpose is defeated of what purpose is the created?


Change is the purpose of grace, grace doesn’t work in continuity of sin, of what purpose is what its purpose is defeated? When the purpose of a thing is defeated of what purpose is the thing? Whatever its purpose is defeated is of no use.


Nothing works in a place where its purpose is defeated. When the purpose of grace is defeated then grace is of no use, when grace is because of change and you are not changing by grace of what purpose then is grace for you?


It’s obviously of no use, grace doesn’t work in continuity of sin, grace is not working in continuity of sin because its purpose is already defeated, grace does not work in continuity of sin,


grace is not working for you when you continue in sin, the continuity of sin defeats the purpose of grace thereby rendering it useless and ineffective, when sin becomes a present continuous tense, grace becomes a past tense,


the present continuity of sin makes grace a past tense and render it ineffective at the present. Don’t be deceived grace is not working for you again since you’ve decided to continue in sin, there is no grace in continuity of sin.


The day you decide to continue in sin that grace is sufficient for you is the day grace stops to work on you, because grace doesn’t work in the continuity of sin.


The continuity of sin discontinues the work of grace, continuity of sin disconnects the service of grace, grace stops and does not work in continuity of sin but gets reactivated by repentance.


I’m sorry to tell you most of the thing you’ve believed about grace is nothing but libel on grace, grace don’t know anything about many things you believe about grace and has never worked in such ways you think it works.


Grace has never worked in the continuity of sin and will not start now. I have even come to understand that most of the time it is not us the teachers of the Word that are giving this libelous presentation of grace but the churches are misunderstanding their teachers,


some have these misunderstandings because some teachers sometimes behaves like a doctor who gave out a drug without its leaflet and the patient not knowing that there is always more to a drug than what is on its jacket then use it out of proportion.


But friends, grace is only grace where there is change. May I give an opportunity to some of us reading this publication right now but you are not born again, will you like to give you life to Christ or rededicate it back to him?


Then say this prayer with me.
Lord Jesus Christ I come to you today, I confess you as my Lord and saviour because With the mouth confession is made unto salvation today I become saved,


I believed in my heart that you died and rose on the third day, because with the heart believed is made unto righteousness today I become righteous and holly. I am no more a siner but the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, Amen.


If you have just prayed that prayer I say congratulations to you, you’ve just been born again and translated into this kingdom of light, welcome on board on the flight of light.


Find a Bible believing and teaching church around you and continually fellowship with them that you might keep growing in faith. Thank you for your time. Thank you for reading.

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