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Most often in life solutions to complex situations are simple instructions coming in simple formation but men often depise them due to their simplicity because the nature of man despises the form of simpleness.


But note, as it is common to man to despise anything simple, it is common to God to embed solutions in simple instructions. As man is often a contemner in nature God is neat in nature, He is always pleased with simplicity.



1. The strength of your enemy is at the rate of your faith.
2. What you weigh your enemy on the scale of your faith is his strength in any battle he brings your way
3. The final conclusion of your case is in the perception of your faith.
4. The angle of your faith perception determines the the end of your current situation.


We did say at the beginning in the first part of this publication( titled faith solution) that just the way it is in life that faith don’t work without works and nothing works without faith so also it is in life that nothing is beyond the definition of faith in life.


In life everything is as defined by faith, as your faith calls your case so it is, this is one pricinple of life in the kingdom we must know. This is the way of life in the kingdom,


this is the kingdom’s way of life, it is how life is, in the kingdom, it is how life is lived in the kingdom, it is the kingdom way of life, So, when we say your case is what your faith says,


it is not a theory of any man it is purely scripture we talking about, the faith way is the kingdom’s recommended way of living by the scripture,


the recommend way of relating with the creator by the scripture is the faith way, the faith way is not an illusion, a philosophy of man, or an idea of man, it is the demand of God on how to relate with God,


remember he said no one can please him without faith and the way we should live in the kingdom is by faith. (the just shall live by faith) the word of faith is not a flattery, the word of faith is the way of the kingdom,


until you are ready to go the faith way you are still not ready to get your victory, the faith way is the way to victory, the faith way is the Victory way, the faith way is the only way God has to give you your demand, if you can’t walk down this faith way God can’t get anything to you down here.


Walking the faith way is not a choice, it’s a must, if you must get anything from God you must walk the faith way, remember God cannot get anything down to you except you cross to the faith way. The faith way is the God way to answering, rescuing, healing,


delivering, and helping in time of need, if any of these are your need and your only hope of getting them is God please and please give me your hand let’s cross to the other side, the faith side,


because as long as we remain on this parth of doubt and worry way, God can’t render any help than the one he’s rendering now, calling you to cross over to the faith side and walk the faith way,


because until then God cannot give you anything neither can you get anything from him. Say this little prayer with me, Lord Jesus Christ I believe you are the one who can take me out of anything I need to get out of,


give me everything I need to lay my hands on, I confess my faith in you to you today, I put my faith in you today, give to me this day that which I’ve been asking all this while for I ask in faith today. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

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