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the way it is in life that faith don’t work without works and nothing works without faith so also it is in life that nothing is beyond the definition of faith. In life nothing is beyond the definition of faith,


life is as defined by faith. In life a problem is as big and as minute as defined by faith, how a man’s faith defines his condition is the situation of his condition.


The enemy is only as powerful as described by your faith, what your faith calls the state of your situation is what exactly it is. It is not what you see or feels but what your faith says that determines what your result will be.


It is not what the scan says but what your faith says. The strength of your enemy is at the rate of your faith, it is only at the point of death of faith that defeat begins to reign, until your faith dies the enemy is still loosing, the enemy don’t start to win until your faith starts to die.


The enemy begins to win only when your your faith begins to die, for the fact that the match is still on does not mean the winning team is not the one wining and for the fact that the match is still on does not make the loosing team the wining one.


No loosing side quits the match because they are loosing but keep playing untill the blow of the final whistle. For the fact that the devil keeps fighting does not mean you are not the one presently wining, for the fact that the devil is not quitting does not mean he is not the one loosing,


the devil will not quite until you get your final victory which is the final whistle, don’t let his not quitting bothers you he’s the one loosing, when you get your victory he’ll finally walk out of the contest with Shame.


As long as your faith is alive in this contest you’re still the one winning, and you’ll take the wining to very end of the challenge if you won’t start Loosing your faith for him to have a come back and steal your victory away.


Remember for the fact that the battle is still on does not mean you’re not the one wining, as long as your faith is living you’re the one wining, don’t give up, don’t let go you’re still wining.

Your faith is the solution to the situation it is the secret of the victory you desire which you’ll definitely aquire if you don’t let go of your faith in Christ.

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