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Still on the relationship abuse series, we were looking at how we can maintain our links in life having established that life is in a line of links or rings that are connected to each other,


and that the way we treat each link in our lines determines our successes in our various lines in life, be it the line of politics, entertainment, media, or even ministry.


The point we were looking at was humility. We said one tool to engage that will help anyone maintain his links in life is humility, we said humility attracts favour and help,


we also noted that it fast tracks speed and progress in any line of life, but despite all the blessings and benefits that accompanies humility many are still not engaging this tool in life.


But what could be the major reason most people neglect humility and remain proud? We said the major reason many are and remain proud is no other than wrong idea and conceptions,


the assumption and supposition they hold about humility, and it is on this note we shall continue today, many don’t know what humility is and what it is not and it is still the reason many choose to be and remain proud,


it doesn’t matter what you think humility is not humiliation, humility is not inferiority, humility doesn’t turn you inferior to anybody, humility never present anyone an inferior being to others, humility doesn’t make you inferior,


but many thinks choosing to be humble presents one as an inferior being, but that’s not true. What really makes one inferior in life is ignorance, lack of understanding and lack of information which are the major reasons people are arrogant in life,


anyone you find arrogant in life, it’s either he doesn’t know what humility really is and what it is not, and that is ignorance. Or because the subject of humility has no meaning to him whereby seeing no reason to embrace humility,


and that is lack of understanding. People are also arrogant because they have never read or learnt anything about the subject of humility, and that is simply lack of information.


Humility is not inferiority, rather inferiority births arrogance because it is the same component that makes up inferiority that are responsible for arrogance,


most often people starts behaving arrogantly in order to suppress their feelings of inferiority to proof to others that they are also of high standards and which are still traits of ignorance,


lack of understanding and lack of information which all happens to be the component that made up inferiority. Because if not for ignorance you should know you don’t proof who you are if it is who you really are,


people will see it on their own if that is what you really are. It is what is questionable and having problems you try to make a proof for.


If you are still trying to proof you’re of high standards it means there are still problems questioning your acclaimed status, having to proof something and having proof for something are too different things, what you truly are you have proof for and what you are not really, you try to proof.


To try to proof and to have proof are different. Humility is not what you really think it is, it is one habit everyone should cultivate, humility is path way to success and greater heights,


it is the parth way to honour, wealth and longevity. Humility exalts, puts you on the friend list of God. It is ignorance of what humility is and what it is not that makes people arrogant, and also lack of understanding and information.


But now that you have read and have been informed and no more ignorant of what humility really is, I do not enjoin you as of command but I pray you, supplicate, entreat and implore you to please choose the humility path today,


humility is not what you think it is but everything you need, it will take you far and faster, arrogance is what has been delaying your progress in life, humility takes a life far and faster,


humility is a ladder to greater heights, humility greases the friction of the motion of life, humility accelerates the speed of life, humility is the accelerator of the car of destiny but pride is the stumbling block that breaks it down,


humility fasttracks in the line of life but arrogance breaks the link of life, humility sustains the bond of life but pride breaks every tie, humility sustains life,


pride poisons the heart, humility brings you destiny helping friends, pride searches enemies for you.


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