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The last time on this series we said life is created in lines, and dived into lines, we established that we all belongs to different lines in life, as some belongs to the line of business,


some belongs to the line of politics and some others to the line of media. We said life is in a line of rings that are connecting each other, and that how you value and treat each link in your line is a factor to how successful you’ll become in your line.


We said life is in a line of rings and that there is no way you’ll break the ring and not fall out of the line, but how exactly do we maintain and treat our links in life.


1. With the use of the tool of humility

Humility is not a gift as it is not part of the gifts of the spirit, no body is gifted to be humble and nobody lacks the ability to humble his/herself.


No matter what line we fall into in life one thing that will surely fast track our speed and progress is humility, humility is one secret of success and speedy achievement in any line of life that many fails to recognize,


apart from the spiritual blessings that accompanies humility you’ll agree with me that even you as a person finds it more easier to render help to someone who appears humble to you, humility by its nature attracts favour and help,


humility is like a breeze everyone want to go out to receive, humility speaks simplicity of its possessor and gives him acceptability, humility presents you simple and makes you acceptable, but it’s a choice to choose,


it’s a decision to make, it’s a parth you consciously thread, nothing will confer it on you or infuse it in you, it’s a choice you choose. Humility gives acceptability but with arrogance comes rejection, even the arrogant don’t want people to be arrogant to him because pride irritates,


and makes its possessors irritating, pride chase people away from you, repels good things from you because nobody delights to see anything irritating,


no matter how beautiful your pet is if it got lost and and when you finally find it it was already full of maggots you won’t pack it and takeis, pride is a state of irritation,


pride makes one irritating to everyone just like a dead dog full of maggots, pride does no good to anyone it only send people away from you, no matter how strong is your bond with anyone you can be sure to get it broken by pride,


no matter how high is your height in life you can be sure of crashing down by pride because no matter how good looking is a food many of you surrounds to eat, the hour it starts stinking all of you will start leaving, nobody wants to hang around anything reeky.


But the major reason many are and remain proud is no other than the wrong idea and conceptions, the assumption and supposition they hold about humility, but I tell you no matter what you think, it is just your own misconception humility is not humiliation…………to be continued

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