When life seems unfair, when conditions trapped you in situations beyond your capability ,when you loose your balance by the push of life and fall,


when everything you have arranged begins to fall apart by the rage of the storm and you begin to discover as their lid pop open that every container never contains the writings on its label.


When the storm rages and everything you seems to have put in place begins to fall apart and you discover the container of your affection only contains deception, when just you think you have found a solace and suddenly discover you have only fallen to the hand of a sorcerer.


When at every turn and bend there seems to be a block, when at every attempt someone always contend and there seems to be no conquest at every contest and things seems out of control. When peace, joy happiness despite seeing it on people around yet seems an alien to your world,


when it seems the more you give love the more you get hurt, when it seems “like” no more begath “like”, and giving is no more receiving, when all you receive for your gift of good heart is great hurt, when all you did in good heart turns to be a mistake,


I want you to know that God is not unaware of what you are going through, it is not that God can’t clear all your cares within a twinkling of an eye, it’s not that He allows you through what you are going through because he doesnt care,


but because you have a destiny he is taking you to its destination and if he didn’t take you through this path you won’t see the things you’ve seen and learnt the things you’ve learnt and have built in you the strength of character you need to function in your place of destination.


God sometimes allow us go through somethings because he wants to build in us somethings. Even when what you’re going through is because of your mistake,


it is not that God is not a forgiving God that that you seems to find no hand to hold when you fall, it isn’t that God is wicked that you find no friends to hear when you call,


it’s not that God is callous that you’re unable to find any shoulder to lean when you lost every strength, it’s not that God has not forgiven you that you seems not to find any hand to wipe your tears,


and it’s not that God is still holding your sins against you that you seems not to find any support from anywhere you think of. You may not find any hand to hold when you fall, you may not find friends to hear when you call,


there may be no shoulders to lean when you lost every strength, there may not be hands to wipe your tears when you cry, you may not find support from those you think of, But God is not punishing you He has forgiven you,


It is just that God allows somethings around us because of the things he wants us have built in us. God loves you, whatever you might be going through never means God is against you,


God loves you and cares about you, but don’t forget you need to resist the devil from taking advantage of your situation to steal your peace, your joy and your happiness.


No matter what happens, today make the choice to be happy, God is not mad at you, and never allow the devil to take advantage of you. God loves you and want to restore you,


all he is asking of you is to cast all your cares on him that he might take absolute care of you and your cares but if you don’t cast your cares on him he can’t have it with him to settle, remember the care you don’t cast, God can’t cure, as he is not having it with him.


Until you cast him your care he is not committed to curing them. The care you don’t cast is not with God but still with you and he can’t work on it until you cast it to him.


Cast your cares on him today he wants to take your cares and care for you. God is not mad at you you’re the one not casting your cares on him

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