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When the objective of an object is unknown the targeted subject becomes a victim of the object. Until you come to realize the major aim of worry you won’t seize to fall for it.


Worry is a call to war, if you fail to wage it with the word it will kill you with its sword of depression. Worry is a tool to depress to retrogress,


the devil uses worry to depress you so that he can retrogress  you, the ultimate aim of worry is not just to depress but to retrogress, if joy is the strength that keeps life going definitely whatever will make you loose it will get you stranded,


devil don’t hunt your joy just because he wants you sad but because he wants you stranded and stagnated. Your happiness is not the problem of the devil but knowing it as a fuel of your progress which is a threat to his project makes him brings you worry to attack you,


not just because of your happiness but because of your progress. Knowing happiness fuels your progress he invents situations of worry not just to fight your mood of happiness but to slow down the pace of your progress.


Every worry is  a seed planted to grow into the tree of blockage, worry is beyond stealing your happy mood but blocking your own way in order to stop you mid way.


Worry is the wrong path the devil cause you to ply so that you can crash. The whole idea behind worry is to crash your journey. Fulfillment is a heart break to the devil,


stagnation is always his vision for everyone on God’s camp, accomplishment is cancer to his brain, your success is a turmoil in his tummy,


it naturally kills him slowly to see you going places, so everything that will stop you is his mission and one of his greatest weapon is depression launched by the agent of worry not actually for the objective of depression but of retrogression.


By his nature every progress of God’s people breaks his heart, and apart from it being his nature, he knows your progress is  ever a threat to his projects and because of this he is always all out to cause you to retrogress.


Worry is beyond loosing an happy mood it’s a seed planted to block your destiny, worry is beyond the case of mood is about the course of life, worry is beyond your happy mood its beyond an effect that affects your feelings,


it is beyond an effect on your feeling, devil don’t worry about how you feel, devil don’t bother about your feeling once you are not going to disrupt his project,

devil is not particular about your feeling that he is attacking your joy but he is disturbed about your progress which is going to be a threat to his project,


that is why he is attacking your joy which is what is fueling your progress with different forms of worry knowing worry will bring you depression and depression will cause you retrogression.


Worry is  all about the devil save guarding his projects from your destruction which is what your present progress will birth in the future.


Every worry is launched to disrupt a present progress in other for it not to disrupt a project in the future. Worry is devil disrupting your present progress so that you won’t disrupt his future projects.


Satan launches worry to disrupt a present progress that his future projects might not be disrupted. It’s all about the future projects, it’s a scheme of save guarding the future of his evil works and his evil works in the future.


And many destinies has been aborted by this singular weapon, many who were designed by God an axe to destroy the works of darkness via various spheres of life has giving up on life to fulfill their God ordained destinies been disrupted by the satanic weapon of worry which the Bible refers to as the cares of this world.


Brethren, worry is beyond what you think it is, it is a strategy to terminate your progress and abort your future by making you too depressed to proceed in your journey of life.


Worry is sent to go after our lives and not just after how we feel in life. It’s an issue of life and not just of feeling. The devil is not interested in your feelings but in your future,


don’t be deceived or be ignorant he is only coming for your feeling because of your future not because he is interested in your feelings, his real interest is your future………. To be continued




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