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If you think the devil just want you to be sad the question is why do you think he wants you sad? What do you think could be the reason? If you didn’t read the first part of this publication please search for it in the older posts and do.


See, the devil don’t want to make you sad because he is interested in how you feel but simply because he wants to retrogress your progress, of which he knows depression is the major key to retrogression,


so he brings you worry that he might retrogress your progress. Worry is to retrogress the progressive, every worry is launched to retrogress a progress.


For example let’s say you’re making progress in your spiritual life then the devil comes and cause you to loose a contract and then begin to feed your mind with thoughts of worry,


then you start feeling bad and down and you start loosing your time of studying the Word and praying to bad feelings. What the devil has just done there is not just to make you feel bad but to retrogress you on the progress your are making in your spiritual life.


Every attack of worry is not just because of the mood but because of the progress, the devil don’t steal your joy because he doesn’t want you happy but because he knows joy fuels journey which is a threat to his project.


Devil actually gives people happiness though temporary, but he gives it because he knows their journey is no way a threat to any of his projects so allowing them to have joy to fuel their journey is nothing to him because he knows their journey is not going to disrupt his project.


So when you see unbelievers not having the kinds of problems you’re having don’t even try to envy them, their journeys are not in anyways to disrupt his projects but they are actually part of his plans and in line with his project because when devil wants to kill people it is people he will use,


to spread a virus, shot a gun, throw a bomb etc…..  Worry is beyond what we think it is, it is not a fight of mood it is a war of progress. Worry is a war against your progress, it’s not a battle after your mood, allowing worry,


thinking it’s just a time of been in a sad mood you’ll later get over, is allowing cancer planted in you thinking it’s something that will die off on its own, not knowing it will keep growing on if not cut off. Worry is a cancer that keeps growing on if not cut off not to claim life.


Worry is a cancer it keeps growing, if not cut off it cuts off life. Worry cuts off life that fails to cut worry out of his life. Worry is  a growth that keeps growing when left alone.


You might think that it has gone that you’ve overcome it but you’ll find it resurfacing later because it was there growing, for there was no time you ever fumigated it with the word of God, so there was no time it ever died.


Whatever you don’t kill but you don’t see might just be hiding and growing, you have to consciously kill anything that makes you worry with the word of God so it won’t just be hiding and growing and suddenly resurface one day to cut off your life.


Whatever you are not killing never assume it is dying, get the right word to war every thought of worry and whenever it want to resurface fumigate it with the same word till it is totally dead, not coming to your mind again, then you know you have killed it, it is not just hiding and growing.


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